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Feel Stronger, do more

This is our mission at JymFit. And we take it pretty serious.
Which is why we've helped thousands of everyday people get more strength, pain relief and more time to keep doing what they love. And we're just getting started.

Proven to increase strength by an average of more than 20% in just 5 weeks
Isometric exercise device. Portable strength trainer with jymfit.
Get motivated and beat pain and arthritis with everday strength

JymFit is a game changer. Now a fast, simple way to boost your total body strength. Accurately measure your muscles and monitor them over time. JymFit is a fun, safe way, recommended by experts to build muscle, support painful joints and help you live the life you want.

Lady boosting her circulation on a sofa. Circulation booster with jymfit.
An easier way to feel stronger and healthier

  • No dangerous or confusing weights
  • Exercise in the comfort of your home or wherever you are
  • Feel confident and in control
  • Don't lose your strength
  • With every Push, Pull or Grip

    JymFit can help you
    mum or mom showing daughter her muscles from exercise.
    Boost Muscle

    7 seconds has been scientifically proven as the optimal and safest hold time to boost strength

    Lady yoga in a park doing digital pilates with jymfit.
    Boost Flexability

    Workouts, Yoga and Pilates just got energised. Burn more calories and get better stability with your routine

    Senior lady boosting circulation and muscles with exercise and fitness
    Boost Circulation

    Sick of cold hands? The resistance created activates your muscles and promotes healthy blood flow

    muscle loss

    Start now to prevent muscle loss while increasing you muscle strength



    Lady holding garden shears. Overlay showing her muscle strength and her every day strength.
    Everyday strength to keep doing what you love

    Jymfit measures strength from 4 to 200kg. Start small and within days you'll see your strength increase

    Lady performing yoga to boost muscle strength. Arthritis exercise with low impact on joints.
    Everyday strength to enjoy exercise

    Just 5 minutes with Jymfit, 3 times a day has proven to increase strength by an average of 30% over 6 weeks

    Travel fitness image. Couple boosting everyday strength to travel
    Everyday strength to travel

    Target specific pain points, or complete whole body workouts all in the palm of your hand


    How it works

    Man doing isometric exercise. Using Jymfit strength trainer.
    When you push or pull and hold a postion, you’ll feel tension in your chest and arms. Your muscles are working out yet your body doesn’t move at all. This make it easy on the joints while activating and building muscles
    Lady in yoga outfit strengthening leg muscles.
    Save your time for the things you love. Exercise each muscle group for as little as 7 seconds. 7-second isometric holds at 60%-80% of your maximum effort achieves safe and optimum results.
    Whole body workout with isometric exercise routines
    Whole body strengthening in under 5 minutes. The exercise device that motivates you to get the strength you need for every day. Target pain points or benefit from a whole body workout.


    Easy to read screen

    6 Modes

    Steel Frame

    4Kg - 200Kg

    No Apps needed

    Instant Feedback

    30 + Exercises

    Takes just 7 secs

    Lady happy with her exercise results from using Jymfit
    Experience more with everday strength


    Grip, push or pull to find your baseline score and measure your strength


    Hold each exercise for 7 seconds


    Most people feel stronger after just one week

    Arm workout challenge poster. Free workout routine using jymfit
    Over 20 free workouts

    The best free-weights workout. Workout plans to build strength included.
    You only need 5 minutes per day to get stronger

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    Everyday people getting stronger

    with JymFit
    Great for my Arthritis
    I was curious to see just how strong my hands were as I have arthritis in both. Jymfit finally gave me a way I can exercise without straining joints and in just a few weeks I have improved by 7kg in my right hand. Hubby loves it as well and we now both use it.
    Happy lady with results from jymfit exercise
    Rose L
    January 3, 2020
    So easy
    Really easy to use. Is the first exercise product that I feel really confident using for my arthritis.
    Easy exercise routine to build and maintain muscle
    Tim A
    May 1, 2020
    Pain free exercise
    At 56 I thought I was too old for strength training. Love it
    Pain free low impact arthritis exercise
    Julie C
    July 1, 2021
    Best strength trainer on the market
    I have a low fitness level and a persistent knee injury. I frequently find myself sitting all day, especially if it’s cold outside, which exacerbates my knee pain. I’ve been looking for portable options to add quick activities to my day. There weren’t a lot of helpful reviews on this product, but the concept was intriguing and the product seems to be evolving, so I was willing to try it. I hope more people add reviews as I’m curious to hear about long term use experiences.
    Happy couple using jymfit arthritis exercise device
    Mark P
    March 1, 2021
    No Complicated Apps
    Love it, best fitness product we have ever bought. We take it everywhere with us and have even used it on a plane, easily fits in carry-on and I love that it doesnt need to connect to any complicated apps :-)
    No complicated apps, man holding isometric grip strength trainer
    Sally & Brian L
    September 21, 2020
    Finally Pilates has gone digital
    Truly changed my pilates routine. I know exactly where to concentrate and I'm seeing gains in my strength every week.
    Lady using strength training device call activ5
    Review author
    January 1, 2021
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